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Minimalist Wall Hooks

Simple Yet Elegant Wall Hooks

Steam bent hooks from solid hardwoods to bring out natural character of the wood. 

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Swiss Collection

Luxury desk storage perfect for gift

Beautiful Modern designer steam-bent Desk storage perfect for your pens, art supplies and many more. 

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Luxury Watch Holder Collection

Stunning watch holder for a beautiful timepiece 

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Sports Gear Wall Hooks

Simple, compact design perfect for storing, surfboards, skateboards efficiently and in styil  

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Ancient Egyptians bent wood after heating it by means of steam and soaking the boards in the rivers. The technique of steam bending was continuously developed and reached one of its climaxes. 

Our bending technique involves clamping the steamed piece of wood that is to be bent onto a steel band so that it cannot move in longitudinal direction. Then the wood is bent together with the band. As the piece of wood is clamped, the fibres are not only bent but also compressed and thus a much tighter bending radius can be reached. In addition, after the bending the band can also be used as a mould for drying the bent wood.

Bending by means of steam is a tedious procedure: you need steam machines, bending machines and bending plates and moulds for each piece, in which the bent pieces need to be dried. After the drying the bent blanks are still to be processed and machined.

Then sanded to a superior finish to make sure our work not only looks elegant but will be around for many years to come.