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Waves 2.0 | Longboard - Surfboard Wall Mounts | Oak

Waves 2.0 | Longboard - Surfboard Wall Mounts | Oak

Heavy duty surfboard rack


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Our Surfboard wall mounts display hangers are made from high-quality prime grade Oak and designed to last, so you can be sure that your board will be securely held in place. Not only are they convenient and heavy duty, but they also look great and come with eco-friendly perks too!


Surfboard Wall Mounts are designed to handle even the heaviest of boards, so once you’ve mounted it onto the wall, you can rest assured knowing that it won’t budge. It comes with two vertical brackets which cushion the board against scratches and dings from accidental contact with the wall. And thanks to its adjustable design, it can accommodate boards of all sizes – from short boards to longboard. So no matter what type of board you have, our wall mounts can keep them safe and secure.

Eco-Friendly Benefits - Aesthetic Touches

At Surfboard Wall Mounts, we take pride in being an environmentally conscious company. With every order we plant a tree, helping reduce our carbon footprint and create a greener future. Not only that but our mounts also add an aesthetic touch to your home or garage as well! Available in black and white colours or classic woodgrain finishes, our wall mounts can help spruce up any space while freeing up floor space by getting your boards off the ground.

Convenience - Versatility

Our mounts weren't just made for storing your gear; they’re also incredibly versatile too! Aside from surfboards, they work just as well for snowboards, skies and skateboards too! Plus when you're done surfing for the day – simply slide your board back into place without having to remove it from its mount! Installing Surfboard Wall Mounts is also incredibly quick and easy – no need for professional assistance - since all mounting hardware is included with every purchase.

Surfboard Wall Mounts provide a safe and stylish way to store your boards while freeing up valuable floor space in your home, studio or restaurant. They're large enough to fit any size board, strong enough to hold even the heaviest of boards securely in place, durable enough for long-term use – plus they come with eco-friendly benefits too! Whether you're looking for a better way to store your surfboard or just want something that adds an aesthetic touch to your home – Surfboard Wall Mounts are definitely worth considering.


Height: 23cm
Width: 3.5cm
Depth: 16cm
Thickness: 10 mm

Sustainable Material


Whats in the box

2 x Mounts
4 x Screws
4 x Wall plugs

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Mount your surfboard in style

Yes surfboard aren't just for surfing them epic waves they are a piece of art too! There isn't anything better than surfing them waves with the coolest graphics, so when you can’t be surfing, you might as well be admiring them. So instead of hiding your boards away, put them on display with our Waves surfboard wall mounts a great we to style your home. The right rack mount can add a nice touch to any room.