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Curved Hardwood Wall Hooks - Oak

Curved Hardwood Wall Hooks - Oak


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Hardwood Curved Wall Hooks, skilfully crafted from European Oak. These Minimalist hooks seamlessly merge style and practicality, featuring a comfortable curved edge and a sleek, smooth form. The design is both timeless and functional.

Meet the Modernist wall hook – a genuine work of art. Wondering how many of these hooks your space can accommodate? The possibilities are endless.

Versatile and strong, these hooks are perfect for towels, coats, bags, and more. They provide a secure grip for your belongings. Despite their delicate appearance, the Modernist hooks are durable and available in three stunning finishes – black, silver, and brass – perfectly complementing our Modernist collection. Explore our range of curved wall hooks for additional options.

For a sophisticated wardrobe display, consider the Modernist wall hook in European Oak. Mount a couple by your vanity to create an instant necklace holder. Elevate your décor by hanging your favourite handbag, scarf, or clothing on these chic hooks. Want a distinctive statement piece? Use a chain, rope, or leather strap to hang a mirror from any Modernist hook.

Our hooks are available in Walnut, Oak, and Ash, professionally treated with a strong satin varnish for a natural look and a durable finish.

Crafted from solid European Oak hardwood, these hooks are easy to install, with mounting plugs suitable for various surfaces, including wood, plasterboard, or masonry brick walls.

Note: Not recommended for wet and damp conditions.


Height: 9.5cm
Width: 3cm
Depth: 6cm

Sustainable Material


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Wall hook
Wall Plugs

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Wooden Wall Hooks Collection:

1. What types of wood are used in your Wooden Wall Hooks collection?

Our collection features three exquisite wood options: American Black Walnut, European Oak, and Ash. Each wood type contributes to the overall charm and durability of our wall hooks.

2. How does American Black Walnut differ from European Oak and Ash? 

American Black Walnut is known for its rich, dark tones, while European Oak exhibits a warm and versatile light brown hue. Ash, on the other hand, offers a pale, creamy colour with a distinctive grain pattern.

3. Can I choose a specific wood type for my wall hooks?

Yes, our wall hooks are available in American Black Walnut, European Oak, and Ash, allowing you to choose the wood type that best suits your style and preferences.

4. Are the different wood types treated with any finishes?

All our wooden wall hooks are professionally treated with a durable satin varnish. This not only enhances the natural beauty of the wood but also provides a protective finish for long-lasting quality.

5. Are there variations in the strength and durability of the different wood types?

While all three wood types – American Black Walnut, European Oak, and Ash – are durable, each has its unique characteristics. Walnut is known for its hardness, Oak for its strength, and Ash for its resilience.

6. Can the Wooden Wall Hooks be used in any room of the house?

Absolutely! Whether in the bedroom, hallway, or any other space, the versatile design of our Wooden Wall Hooks makes them suitable for various rooms and purposes.

7. Can the wall hooks hold heavier items such as coats or bags? 

Yes, the wall hooks are designed to be versatile and sturdy, capable of securely holding towels, coats, bags, and more.

8. Can I use these hooks in wet or damp conditions? 

We recommend avoiding wet or damp conditions to ensure the longevity of the wooden wall hooks. Keeping them in dry environments will maintain their exceptional quality over time.

9. Are the installation methods the same for all wood types?

Yes, the installation process is uniform for American Black Walnut, European Oak, and Ash wall hooks. Each set includes easy-to-use mounting plugs suitable for various surfaces, including wood, plasterboard, or masonry brick walls.

10. Do you offer a warranty for the Wooden Wall Hooks collection?

We take pride in the quality of our products. If you encounter any issues, please contact our customer service, and we'll be happy to assist you.