About us

Meet the designers

The key designers and founders of Noir.Design, a specialised design studio specialising in modern-minimalist furniture and accessories, are Nitin on the right and Amrit on the left. They have a deep friendship and more than ten years of interior design experience for home products. 

Noir.Design Founders
Our work is truly unique because it originates from all around the world and brings craftsmanship to life.
We enjoy creating simple designs that are built to last a lifetime.
Since every item is built to order, the highest standards of sustainability and attention to detail are guaranteed.
The design approach places sustainability at the forefront. Natural finishes, hand-selected materials from reputable UK distributors, and waste reduction/reuse are also top priorities.
These little things build up to big changes and have assisted us in lowering our carbon impact. Not just any brand with a good ethos, Noir.Design is truly British.
"We think beautiful design is ageless and will be loved forever. It motivates us to advance, change, and develop new items for you, which we aim to do with each product design."