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Lux Kitchen Utensils Pot Holder - Oak

Lux Kitchen Utensils Pot Holder - Oak

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  • Luxury Oak Utensils Holder is the ideal way to keep your kitchen utensils tidy and is perfect as a kitchen storage solution. 

  • Sturdy, robust and holds kitchen utensils without fear of tipping.  Handmade using traditional joinery methods: mortise and tenon joints and lap joints, thus will ensure this product will stand the test of time.  

  • Available in 3 hardwoods (Walnut, Oak, Ash), which are known for their durability and toughness. This Ash Utensils holder is oiled to a glorious finish, that protects the wood and enhances the natural look and feel of the wood. 

  • Our product is the 1st of its kind, using steam bent methods to create single line curvatures without milling, which causes a lot of wastage.

  • Made from solid Oak hardwood.

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