Best luxury pen stand and watch stand display holds 1 watch made from solid black walnut

Best luxury gifts created by Artisans

What makes a good gift

A good gift is a gift which enriches positive emotional feelings. There are many ways which you can acquire this from gift wrapping to personalising. However we take this further we believe in the product which has to be fit for purpose, created to an high standard as quality speaks a thousand words. 

Do all products need to be engraved?

No all, our gifting products from Watch stand display, pen stands and glasses have this option but doesn't make it a most. Engraving does have it benefits, like if you wanted to remember the date, wedding anniversary maybe.


Gifting ideas  

The watch collector

For the collector we have a large collection of watch stand display holders, holding 1 - 5 watches with an option to engrave the front and back.  

Luxury watch stand display holds 5 watches

Pen lovers

The executive or artis we have you covered with our luxury pen stand display and pen pots. Hand crafted using steam bent techniques and available in solid Oak or Black Walnut.

Pen pots for desk made from oak or black walnut

Music Lovers

Fancy wall bracket to hold your headphones in style, from study to bedroom or the living room. Our headphone stand has been created to not only to function but to look like a piece of art. 


Luxury headphone stand wall mounted
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