Pack Of 3 Twisted Wall Coat Hooks


Twisted Solid Oak Steam Bent Wall Coat Hooks (3 Pack)

These solid oak hooks have been coated with a wax finish to create a very unique look with a Noir.Design twist. The layout of these hooks can be adapted to suit the individuals needs making them very versatile and suitable for everyone.

These handmade items are quite elegant yet with an urban design and can brighten up any room. With their distinctive style these hooks give a touch of sophistication to any household. 

Thickness: 4mm
Length: 10cm
Width: 3.3cm
Materials: Solid Oak
Finish: Wax
Fittings Included
Can be secured to any surface.
Pilot drill the holes with 5mm drill bit.
Insert wall plugged (supplied).
Hard tighten the screws (supplied).
Inspired by you made for you @Noir.Design

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