2 Pack Solid Oak Steam Bent Key Hook


Modern Steam Bent Solid Oak Key Hook 

Our Oak keys hooks have been designed for the best of both worlds giving you the option to hold your keys as well your coats. The design in principle was to keep it simple but also a clean look.

The hooks are ideal for hanging keys but also can hold coats to towels. Each hook is hand finished from start to finish and is a great addition to any home.


Thickness: 4mm
Length: 10cm
Width: 3.3cm


Materials: Solid Oak
Finish: Danish Oil
Fittings Included

Surfaces must be flat, clean, dry and free of dirt and oil.
Remove clear liner and align object to desired placement.
Press firmly for 30 seconds as mounting tape fills into surface and creates a strong, permanent bond.
Tape must make contact with surface. If surface is uneven, tape will not be able to make contact and will not hold.
Apply when temperature is above 10 degrees.
Wait 24 hours for full adhesion to the surface.

This is a permanent tape and may cause damage or leave residue if removed. Not for use in applications where injury could result of mounted item fell. Not for use on wallpaper, delicate surfaces, polyethylene and polypropylene plastics, Teflon or other non-stick surfaces. 

Inspired by you made for you @Noir.Design

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